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"This is not about love, because I am not in love. In fact I can’t stop falling out."
Fiona Apple, Not about love from Extraordinary Machine
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Bangin wif my bae @vahinedyenomite #selfie

Bangin wif my bae @vahinedyenomite #selfie

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So far, the worst of it involved passing a gaggle of lively teenage girls, and one exclaimed, “What a silver fox!” Otherwise, strangers will generally categorize me as a mutant, and not as an octogenarian. 

I think this is going to be my next hairventure.

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Your drama is none of my business, so stop #ineedtomove

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All jazzed up and nowhere to go. :(((( #selfie #bummer

All jazzed up and nowhere to go. :(((( #selfie #bummer

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